April Hickox, ‘Vantage Point: Portholes (Set of 15) 7/7’, 2009, Oeno Gallery

Beautiful set of 15 landscape photographs taken from the porthole of a ship sailing the St. Lawrence River from I^les de la Madeleine to the Port of Montreal.In these works the porthole acts as a viewing device mimicking a lens, isolating observation and the movement of the ship. The coloration and markings on the images are due to the thickness of the glass in the porthole, combined with the effects of salt water and weathering. The porthole replaces the framing mechanism of the camera, while the movement of the ship provides a constructed vantage point for viewing. The shadow of the ship is often seen in the images, imposing itself and its movement on the buildings. This series of chromogenic prints has been created in a limited edition of 7. Only one complete set of the 15 images remain - and this is number 7/7. The others are held in public and private collections.