Ara Dymond, ‘A War on terror’, 2010, Santa Monica Museum of Art

About Ara Dymond

Ara Dymond works in a variety of formats, including painting, photography, and video, to impart an animating grace or humor to the forms of everyday objects. Dymond is perhaps best known for his freestanding sculptural works, made from a variety of found objects and industrial materials, like vinyl laminate, automotive paint, and sand; he also has created a number of cast bronze works. His pieces often bear faint resemblance to human forms and postures—in fact, the artist refers to his sculptures as though protagonists in a theatrical play. Though most of his works feature an austerely limited palette, Dymond occasionally includes vibrant and jarring accents.

American , b. 1978, Honolulu, Hawaii, based in New York, New York

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