Arai Takashi (新井 卓), ‘A Horse, Arakawa Heights, 3 June, 2011’, 2011, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2016

The most recent recipient of the Ihei Kimura Prize for emerging photographers, Takashi Arai is best known for his daguerreotypes whose subjects are related to fraught moments in Japan's modern history. Trained as a biologist, he was initially drawn to this medium because of the intensive scientific processes that it entailed. Equally important was the fact that daguerreotypes (unlike photographs) are irreproducible and have minutely three-dimensional surface etching, prompting him to consider them as "micro-monuments." This example features a horse abandoned after the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011. Several of the artist’s d-types were on view in Japan Society’s 2016 presentation of "In the Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11."


Signature: Signed on verso.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and PGI, © Takashi Arai

About Arai Takashi (新井 卓)