Aranda\Lasch, ‘Stool’, 2016, Chamber

These stools are made from the Movingue tree (Distemonanthus Benthamianus), which has a beautiful red bark and yellow wood appreciated locally and used in furniture making throughout central Africa. The Movingue tree is extremely important in Gabonese tradition and medicines. In regards to local Gabonese culture, it symbolizes protection, and is regarded as spiritually linked to twins. The Gabon stool is designed to combine in pairs.

Image rights: Guang Xu

Manufacturer: Gabon Botique

Libreville, Gabon

About Aranda\Lasch

Aranda\Lasch is the nom de guerre of Benjamin Aranda and Christopher Lasch, who founded their design firm in 2003. The duo met in a design studio in Columbia, and both hold degrees in architecture. Though their work spans a variety of scales and functions—including outdoor monuments, indoor installations, video works, furniture, and a set for the band Yeasayer, their work is united by a common motif: a modular, crystalline form. “For us, design is about putting in place a process from which you can guarantee surprises,” Lasch once said, while Aranda notes, “Our understanding of modularity is something that’s not quite obvious or fixed, something that can be a tool for finding infinite variation.”

American, based in New York and Tucson