Ariana Page Russell, ‘Pharoh’, 2009, Lisa Sette Gallery

About Ariana Page Russell

Photographer Adriana Page Russell uses her own hypersensitive skin as a canvas. A sufferer from dermatographia, a condition that makes red marks rise up on her skin in response to the slightest irritation, Russell scratches abstract patterns, constellations, and words onto her body with a dull needle, and then photographs the results. The combination of the intentional act of drawing with the uncontrollable nature of her body’s reaction is meant to, in the artist’s words, reflect on the skin’s role as an “index of passing time.” In some works she cuts up images of her skin and collages the various tones to create wallpaper or a type of temporary tattoo, which she places back on to her skin and then photographs. “Rather than being frustrated by my skin’s transparency,” she has said, “I claim it by dressing up in the crimson hues that reveal my vulnerability.”

American, based in Brooklyn, New York