ARIK LEVY, ‘Rock Triple Fusion 113’, 2015, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

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From the Catalogue:
The fusion of several rocks is one metaphor for a slow motion snapshot of a lifetime process. Just like the biological fusion in nature and the social fusion of society and cultural identity, this series expresses the very critical moment of material and emotional merge. The verticality of these pieces farther extends the artist‘s ever-lasting opposition and resistance to natural process and its forces. Not without effort these compositions are standing, nearly holding a Tai Chi posture, and reflect a specific moment in our life and active environment. Each rock has its gravity and its reflections, and each visual weight creates a tension that gives a dynamic to the movement and a speed to the frozen moment. Like every captured moment in life it is at the same time a connection to the past and a forecast on the future. It is an everlasting process, a fraction of a global structure that defines the presence of a physical, emotional and spiritual being, just like our trace in existence and in the future imagination.
Source: Arik Levy Studio, Paris

Signature: Signed

Image rights: Courtesy Arik Levy Studio, Paris Photo: Achim Kukulies


An artist, technician, photographer, designer, filmmaker, Israeli-born Arik Levy has been based in Paris for the past 20 years. He is best known for his “Rock” sculptures, composed of mirror-polished stainless steel, which are sometimes displayed as standalone works, and sometimes integrated into functional items like shelves and coffee tables. Now considering himself more of a “feeling” artist, Levy also creates complete environments that can be adapted for different usages. “Life is a system of signs and symbols,” he says, “where nothing is quite as it seems.”

Israeli, b. 1963, based in Paris, France

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Podgorny Robinson Gallery, 
Saint Paul de Vence, France,
Visual Dialogs
Podgorny Robinson Gallery, 
Saint Paul de Vence, France,
Podgorny Robinson Gallery
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