Arin Rungjang, ‘Bones, Books, Artificial Lights and Fireflies ’, 2015, West Den Haag

About Arin Rungjang

Arin Rungjang is one of Thailand’s leading contemporary artists; he represented his country at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. Rungjang sees art as a way to build connections and break down political, social, and ideological barriers. He is interested in bridging the divide between different people and cultures, historical periods and the present day, and disparate geographical locations. To accomplish this goal, he produces sculptures, site-specific installations, and videos to foster various social interactions that are characterized by inclusiveness and openheartedness, including cooking lessons and communal meals, taking up residence and hosting guests in galleries, and working with marginalized populations on his projects. “What is important for me is not to create the work in the studio and put it in one art space or in some gallery, but to work through the real context that surrounds the art space,” he has said.

Thai, b. 1975, based in Bangkok, Thailand