Armando Valero, ‘Narcisa and Her Two Mirrors’, 2016, RJD Gallery

Born in 1956 in Bogotá Colombia, Valero presently has permanent public collections in museums such as, The Musee de la Commanderie d Unet in Tonneins, France; The MOA Museum of Art of Fort Lauderdale and The Rayo Museum in Roldanillo, Valle, Colombia.

After studying and perfecting his stylized situational portraiture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Madrid Spain. His work concentrates on proportionally exaggerated intuitive aesthetic thinking and his symbolic narratives can be interpreted like poetry.

He has been commissioned for over than 140 portrait and paintings that have been visibly placed around the world and in private collections

His work continues to be published in selected art magazines and reviewed by authoritative internationally acclaimed art critics from first exhibitions in 1972-74, wining his first major prize as a muralist with his painting entitled “ Iniciado Solar “ in 1981. In 1986 his work merited an honorable mention at the contemporary International Art Canter in Paris, France, Receiving the Silver Medal at the International Painting Salon Grand Prix D’Aquitane in Tonneins, France.

I don’t paint what I see in the glorious heavens
even when the sun, Oh dear giant! Is full of fires,
or when the moon is in its crescent states
dressed with pretty whites an a softy blue.

        I don’t paint the oceans when the night is deep
        even when its waters are burst with lonely        dreams,
        of small fish and some others very big
        anxiously looking for the hidden one.

        I don’t paint men, when they’ve turn into ugly wolfs
        killing each other in many nonsense wars,
        spreading their blood and their useless bones
        fighting for gold and its ephemeral trick.

        I don’t paint the black crows in their ethereal dance
        looking in the prairie for some little mice,
        who can not see the dark mighty guys
        grasping his life with their precise attack.

        I only paint what I keep in my mind
        the things, only I saw and no one else could find,
        where no one witness my foot prints in the trail
        where I leave my breath and pieces of my soul.

        Only time and its never ending march
        would like to steal the hours that I find,
        in which I loose myself not knowing the end
        nor the beginning, cause there, is where I am in peace.

        You should see there, the blue skies so clear
        and the stars gleaming its lights from so far,
        or the changing waters turned into wheat
        moving like a blowing wind dance, with out rest.

        You might see the woman with no old garments
        looking with her dark eyes a lovely sunset,
        she speaks wit eloquence  about herself
        but she doesn’t need words to say who she loves.

        The truth is that, I always look close to my destiny
        where no one can see or take something from me,
        I think I found the place where I can because I see myself smiling                 every time I go there.

Signature: Lower Right

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Columbian, b. 1956

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