Arnaldo Pomodoro, ‘Grey Study’, 1968, Alpha 137 Gallery
Arnaldo Pomodoro, ‘Grey Study’, 1968, Alpha 137 Gallery
Arnaldo Pomodoro, ‘Grey Study’, 1968, Alpha 137 Gallery

Rare large mixed media print, signed and numbered in graphite pencil from the limited edition of 100, done in the late Sixties by one of the world's foremost sculptors. This work is in excellent condition. It has elegant deckled edges, and is beautifully floated and framed. A rare find from the 1960s! Framed with label from Van Straaten Gallery, Chicago. Fine condition and ready to hang!

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Signature: Signed A. Pomodoro in graphite, numbered from the edition of 100 and dated recto (front). Bears publishers' distinctive chop mark

Van Straaten Gallery, Chicago (with Label on verso of frame)

About Arnaldo Pomodoro

Arnaldo Pomodoro thinks of his massive, architectural sculptures as “crystals, or nuclei, or as eyes, or signal fires,” he says. ”I see them as relating to borders and voyages, to the worlds of complexity and imagination.” Drawing on his training in architecture, Pomodoro’s concerns center on the relationship between each individual sculpture and the space in which it is installed. Early on, admiration for Paul Klee prompted the artist to translate Klee’s linear drawings into dimensional elements in his early relief sculpture. Ultimately, however, Pomodoro became known for large, free-standing geometric forms, especially columns, cubes, pyramids, spheres, and discs. Works such as Rotator with a Central Perforation (1969)—a bronze sphere—exemplify his smooth, streamlined style and devotion to idealized shapes, often reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Pomodoro insists on partaking in the physical fabrication of his work.

Italian, b. 1926, Morciano di Romagna, Italy, based in Milan, Italy