Arnaldo Pomodoro, ‘Untitled Bronze Pendant’, ca. 1985, Alpha 137: Prints and Exhibition Ephemera
Arnaldo Pomodoro, ‘Untitled Bronze Pendant’, ca. 1985, Alpha 137: Prints and Exhibition Ephemera

This vintage bronze pendant was designed by world renowned sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. It is signed with incised signature on the side, but is unnumbered. This multiple was created in an unknown quantity, and was distributed as a one-off, in select editions of a luxury magazine - as a very special promotion. Those who were lucky to snag the magazine (circa 1980s) before it sold out - ended up with a beautiful Arnaldo Pomodoro piece of jewelry. Now these works are highly collectible and make great gifts. This pendant is in good vintage condition and is sold without any chain. You can add any chain that suits your style, and wear it as a lovely necklace.
--Courtesy of Alpha 137 Gallery

Signature: Incised signature on the side.

About Arnaldo Pomodoro

Arnaldo Pomodoro thinks of his massive, architectural sculptures as “crystals, or nuclei, or as eyes, or signal fires,” he says. ”I see them as relating to borders and voyages, to the worlds of complexity and imagination.” Drawing on his training in architecture, Pomodoro’s concerns center on the relationship between each individual sculpture and the space in which it is installed. Early on, admiration for Paul Klee prompted the artist to translate Klee’s linear drawings into dimensional elements in his early relief sculpture. Ultimately, however, Pomodoro became known for large, free-standing geometric forms, especially columns, cubes, pyramids, spheres, and discs. Works such as Rotator with a Central Perforation (1969)—a bronze sphere—exemplify his smooth, streamlined style and devotion to idealized shapes, often reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Pomodoro insists on partaking in the physical fabrication of his work.

Italian, b. 1926, Morciano di Romagna, Italy, based in Milan, Italy