Arne Quinze, ‘Stilthouse 1676 Chameleon’, KETELEER GALLERY

About Arne Quinze

Arne Quinze produces public sculptures, drawings, paintings, and large-scale installations that promote communication and social interaction, reflecting his innate idealism and optimism in regards to social cohesion. For instance, his series “My Home My House my Stilthouse” (2009-), consisting of various shelter-evoking constructions, explored the natural human exploration to carve out territory (a home), erect walls (a house), and ultimately seek such status and protection that we build our houses so high that no one can reach us (a stilthouse). As with all his installations, Quinze intends to provoke reactions from passersby, in this case inviting the viewers to reflect on “how people conduct their lives, live around each other, and order society,” as he describes. While stylistically varied, certain materials recur throughout his oeuvre, especially salvaged wood and electrical colors in fluorescent paint.

Belgian, b. 1971, based in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium