Arne Vodder, ‘"Credenza". Freestanding teak sideboard with six round legs. Front with two reversible sliding doors with resp. teak and black paint. Middle section with seven drawers with curving handles. Bar section with fold-down front with black Formica back. Model 29A.’, Bruun Rasmussen

Designed 1958-1959. This example manufactured late 1950s by P. Olsen Sibast, with maker's tag.

H. 80.5 cm. L. 250 cm. D. 47 cm.

When Arne Vodder designed this low sideboard he also presented what is probably the most loved and iconic piece of Danish storage furniture from the 1950-1960s. The model 29A was the flagship in a series of storage furniture that shared many of the same features. The series included chests of drawers, low sideboards and high cabinets. The series was long-lived and enjoyed great success in Europe as well as on the US market. The name "Credenza", which in Italian simply means cabinet for tableware, probably stuck to this model as this was one of the few pieces of Danish Mid-century furniture that enjoyed a real commercial success in Italy.
--Courtesy of Bruun Rasmussen

Manufacturer: P. Olsen Sibast

"Bygge og Bo", no. 3, September 1959, p. 5.
"Mobilia" no. 78, January 1962.

Aquired by present owner's parents late 1950s.

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