Arnold Newman, ‘Barbershop Pole, West Palm Beach, FL’, 1940, Howard Greenberg Gallery

About Arnold Newman

One of the most important photographers of the 20th century, Arnold Newman is known for his portraits of major cultural figures, such as Pablo Picasso, Aaron Copland, Marilyn Monroe, Donald Judd, and Josef Albers. Newman was credited with popularizing environmental portraiture, a style that captures subjects in their surroundings and uses significant details to communicate their profession and personality. Newman’s famous photograph of Igor Stravinsky, for example, is dominated by a grand piano silhouetted against a white wall, with the composer confined to the corner. However, Newman never endorsed the term with which he was associated: “Overlooked is that my approach is also symbolic or impressionistic or whatever label one cares to use.” For his portrait of Andy Warhol, Newman cut up his subject’s features, repositioning them to form a surrealistic collage.

American, 1918-2006, New York, New York