Arnulf Rainer, ‘PSAP #05: "Unfinished Into Death"’, 2011,  ECC Collection

This book is the documentation of Personal Structures Art Projects #05. It has been published as a limited edition. The edition comprises 250 copies of which 50 DeLuxe, numbered from 1 to 50, and 50 DeLuxe hors commerce, numbered from I to L. The 150 Standard copies are numbered from 51 to 200. Each item of this limited edition consists of a book and a DVD, showing Arnulf Rainer working in his Tenerife studio, in a case, housed together in a cassette. The DeLuxe edition is signed by the artist and additionally contains a photograph by Arnulf Rainer of Sarah and Karlyn, between plexiglass.

Series: Personal Structures Art Projects are projects which are documented as special edition artists’ books. Each project centralises one artist and emphasises his work. All books in this series will be published by Global Art Affairs Foundation, the Netherlands. An excerpt of each project will additionally be published in the ongoing series Personal Structures: Time ∙ Space ∙ Existence.

Publisher: Global Art Affairs Foundation and coöperation with the European Cultural Centre

About Arnulf Rainer

Despite anti-establishment sentiments and intensely unconventional methods, Arnulf Rainer has achieved massive acclaim, his career spanning half a century, with monumental retrospectives and the establishment of a museum dedicated to his work. Almost entirely self-taught, Rainer merged an interest in fantastic Surrealism with the physicality and spontaneity of Art Informel in his early paintings, before moving towards abstraction and more experimental practices. From 1951 to 1954, he produced a series of “Blind Paintings” in which he played off the technique of Automatism by painting blindfolded. Rainer has continually returned to overpainting and reworking, painting over—either partially or completely—paintings by other artists or photographs of figures or nature, often building up heavy impasto. Intensely interested in physical expressions of emotion, Rainer has also painted with his feet and fingers, photographed himself in states of extreme emotion, studied the painting of chimpanzees, and tested the effects of hallucinogenic drugs on his practice.

Austrian, b. 1929, Baden, Austria