Aron Wiesenfeld, ‘Scout’, 2010, ARCADIA CONTEMPORARY

About Aron Wiesenfeld

Aron Wiesenfeld, who makes paintings, drawings, and prints full of enigmatic scenes and protagonists, prefers, as he has said, “to leave specifics to the viewer.” His compositions reflect his early work as a comic book illustrator and are infused with romanticism and mystery. While men and boys make occasional cameos, his works are usually centered upon young women and girls, often isolated in rural and natural landscapes or in deserted city streets. His childhood town of Santa Cruz continues to dominate his thoughts and serves as the setting for most of his scenes, including the wintry ones. Wiesenfeld sees each of his works as an “invitation” to viewers “to fill in the rest of the story,” as in Sect (2013), in which a girl holds a spider’s web in her hands, to be used however the beholder imagines it should be.

American , b. 1972, Washington, D.C., based in San Diego, California