Artists Anonymous, ‘Lonely Uni’, 2006, Doyle

Signature: Stenciled with artist's name, title, date, and numbered 1/1 on the reverse

Cueto Project, New York

About Artists Anonymous

Founded in 2001 by two classically trained painters who refuse to reveal their true identities, Artists Anonymous is known for its intensely immersive installations— incorporating painting, sculpture, photography, and video—through which they aim to interrogate the history, practice, and meaning of art-making. With a mixture of seriousness and irreverence, they filter classical painting through a post-apocalyptic lens, producing finely crafted, sexually charged, hyper-expressive, and image-abundant works full of references to artists both past and present. In their words: “Our whole concept stems from art school. Actually learning what art is all about. Because when I went to art school […] I learned what art is about and the questions in it.” These questions—including the conundrums of how to define art and where its value comes from—fuel their practice, becoming, or so Artists Anonymous hopes, our questions too.

German and English, founded 2001