Artur Barrio, ‘Paris’, 1982, Quadrado Azul

About Artur Barrio

Artur Barrio’s experiential installations, or “situations”, exist as much in the realm of action and interaction as they do in the physical world. His ephemeral works, which often leave behind only traces or scraps as documentation, tend towards gritty, unconventional mediums: early in his career, he would leave “bloody bundles” of animal bones, entrails, and bodily fluids in public locations and document the reactions of passersby. Barrio’s 2005 installation Interminável was an amalgam of coffee grounds, spills, bits of hanging string, and a pile of bread; he left the installation unfinished and invited viewers to take pieces of it with them, a commentary the processes of change and renewal.

Portuguese-Brazilian, b. 1945