Asaf Kliger, ‘Salt Desert, 5 long exposures,Salar de uyuni, Bolivia’, Vision Neil Folberg Gallery

Signature: Signed verso

About Asaf Kliger

Photojournalist and art photographer Asaf Kliger captures documentary images with densely layered conceptual elements. In his series “The Time of Spectacle,” Kliger uses long exposures to record the passage of time and spectacle at public events. In such images the audience is rendered invisible or indistinct, in contrast to the space and events around them. In Championship Football Match, 2 hours exposure Jerusalem Israel 2008 (2008), the soccer players and crowd are reduced to a blur, while the field assumes an indefinable energy and dynamism. “The single picture contains the time and memory and asks of the viewer to experience photography in a different manner than he's accustomed to,” Kliger explains. “The selection of long exposure is made according to the type of the event, which for most people is a passive experience.”