Ashkan Honarvar, ‘King of worms - Growth’, 2015, River

About Ashkan Honarvar

Ashkan Honarvar´s collages present the human body at the center of microcosmic theaters of dichotomy in which irrationality permeates logic, serenity belies violence, and luxury secretes exploitation. Tragically vulnerable to injury yet resilient in its ability to heal, the body itself is a living paradox: its vitality can be beautiful; its deformation, grotesque. He fabricates his collages by hand, recycling and splicing found images in order to distill fresh meaning.

Honarvar´s collages speak to humanity's intrinsic obliviousness, heightened by vanity and abused by others. We think we know ourselves and the world around us, but how much do we really understand? Just as Honarvar´s figures are obliterated, severed, and reorganized by him, we are often at the mercy of circumstances outside our control. Ignorance of our places in the world can impair our abilities to deal with these unique circumstances.

Ashkan Honarvar (b. 1980, Shiraz, IR) attended School of Visual Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands and currently lives and works in Norway. He has exhibited work internationally at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York and Paris, Centro De Arte Contemporáneo de Quito in Ecuador, International Collage Center in Texas, Le Petit

Iranian, b. 1980, Shiraz, Iran, based in Norway

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