Ashleigh Sumner, ‘RISE’, 2013, Artspace Warehouse

Through bold, abstract expression, Ashleigh Sumner attempts to incorporate the implied visual of densely populated, urban landscape with the raw, gritty texture of industrial areas. The combination of these elements is intended to evoke a powerful sense of unrestrained vitality to the viewer. The first layer of this artwork on bamboo was created when Ashleigh Sumner applied her own versions of a found image she had photographed in Europe onto the artwork. She then applied acrylic paint in several layers, extending from the sides of the artwork towards the center. Ashleigh finished this one-of-a-kind artwork with a coat of resin on the front as well as on the nearly three inches deep sides.

Signature: Signed on back

About Ashleigh Sumner

Ashleigh Sumner’s brightly colored collaged paintings combine found objects and images from the Los Angeles streets with her love of literature. Photographic images, printed and painted text, and large washes of color come together in each work to create chaotic compositions that hint at politically charged narratives. In Vandalized Love Affair (2013), illegible graffiti hovers above a photograph of a female statue with a painted red bar across her eyes. In the background, amidst yellow drips, the Berlin coat of arms and Communist hammer and sickle peak through fragmented layers of text.

American, b. 1979, Charlotte, North Carolina, based in Los Angeles, California