Ashley Wood, ‘The Parting Gift’, 2012, Jonathan LeVine Projects

About Ashley Wood

With projects spanning fashion advertising campaigns, book jacket illustrations, toy design, painting, sculpture, and photography, Ashley Wood maintains a multifaceted artistic career, centered upon his talent as an illustrator and fueled by his interest in comics and cartoons. In addition to his commissioned commercial work, Wood writes and illustrates his own comic, titled Popbot (first published 2000), and produces expressive mixed-media artworks that feed into and off of his other projects. Eroticism imbues his vigorously painted canvases, photographic collages, and sculptures, which often feature scantily clad female figures or their fragmented body parts. Superheroes, villains, military men, and phantom-like figures also recur throughout his works. The mark of the artist is evident in the textured, layered surfaces of his paintings and in the loose drips of paint that partially obscure his dark, fantastical images.

Australian, b. 1971, based in Perth, Australia