Atelier Pica Pica, ‘Kakoulé Lendin’, 2018, V1 Gallery

About Atelier Pica Pica

Atelier Pica Pica is a multidisciplinary collective that produces painting, sculpture, photography, and site-specific installation. Beginning with extensive field research and the gathering of source material on the peripheries of urban and rural spaces, they create idiosyncratic art objects from repurposed wood, metals, cardboard, glass, fabric, and a variety of paints ranging from traditional enamels and oils to household and spray paint. These objects reflect the group’s formal engagement with shape, texture, structure, and patterns, which they force into evocative juxtapositions. Each object participates in a mutually reinforcing ecosystem that highlights the discoveries of the group’s research efforts. The collective displays work in a laboratory setting, thereby foregrounding their work as “visual scientists.”

Belgian, 1978 (Boris Magotteaux), 1979 (Manuel Falcata) and 1980 (Jerome Degive), Liège, Belgium, based in Liège, Belgium