A double-sided sheet of figure studies, after François Boucher

This sheet has several studies after engraved compositions by Boucher. On the recto, top left, La coquette by Daullé (P. Jean-Richard, François Boucher: gravures et dessins provenant du Cabinet des dessins et de la Collection Edmond de Rothschild au Musée du Louvre, Paris, 1978, no. 579), top right, Les trois Grâces by Daullé (Jean-Richard, op. cit., no. 576) after a painting in the Louvre; lower right, Muse Polyminie by Daullé (Jean-Richard 558) after a painting in the Wallace Collection; lower left, L'Ecole de l'amitié by Delastre (Jean-Richard 589) after a now lost painting. All the copies identified on the verso are from engravings by Daullé after Boucher: top right, Le petit souffleur de bulles de savon (Jean-Richard 578), bottom left and centre, Naisance & triomphe de Vénus (Jean-Richard 550), after a bodycolor now in the Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

The author of this drawing must have copied the engravings from Daullé's Oeuvre (which also included Delastre's Ecole de l'amitié) published by his widow in 1766.

We thank Alastair Laing for his kind help in cataloguing this lot.

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With Colnaghi, London, cat. 1971, no. 77 (recto illus.)