Attributed to Giovanni Bellini, ‘Portrait of a young man, bust-length’, Christie's Old Masters

This portrait is of a young man, probably a poet, dressed all'antica. Despite former attributions to both Basaiti and Cariani, Keith Christiansen believes that the picture may well be by Bellini himself, as the quality of the better preserved passages suggests. Peter Humfrey, who has also examined the picture firsthand, concurs with this assessment, as does Professor Mauro Lucco on the basis of photographs.

For comparisons of style, Christiansen cites the Infant Bacchus in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, The Feast of the Gods, in that same museum; and the Toilette of Venus (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna). These point to a late date and suggest the artist's response to the portraiture of Giorgione and the sculpture of Tullio Lombardo.

While the majority of Bellini's portraits use the device of a frontal parapet and some are signed in a very similar way (i.e., those in the Uffizi, Florence, no. 354, in the Pinacoteca Capitolina, Rome, no. 47, and in Washington, no. 365), none is precisely comparable in all'antica presentation, which presumably reflects a whim of the young sitter. A parallel is offered by the so-called Portrait of a Humanist, formerly attributed to Bellini, in the Castello Sforzesco, Milan, no. 248 (Heinemann, op. cit., fig. 850).

Signature: Signed 'IOANNES BELLINVS' (lower center)

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Victor Martin Le Roy (1842-1918) and by descent; sale, Paris, Galerie Charpentier, 4 December 1956, lot 13, as 'Ecole Vénitienne'.

Anonymous sale; Christie's, London, 7 July 2004, lot 7 (£274,050).