Attributed to Pierre-Charles Le Mettay, ‘A reclining female nude’, Christie's Old Masters

A copy after a drawing formerly attributed to Boucher (A. Ananoff and D. Wildenstein, François Boucher, Fribourg, 1976, II, p. 189, fig. 1434) which is a study for Le satyr amoureux, a lost painting by Le Mettay known through an engraving by Le Vasseur (G. Chomer, 'Le peintre Pierre-Charles Le Mettay (1726-1759)', Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire de l'Art français, 1981 [1983], p. 101, no. D15, fig. 33).

We thank Alastair Laing for his kind help in cataloguing this lot.

Dennis Molnar, Vancouver.