Aude Pariset, ‘Draft Stopper_My Shape’, 2014, Barbara Seiler

About Aude Pariset

Berlin-based Aude Pariset uses photography, sculpture, and installation to challenge the conventions of image production and reception in the digital age. By culling images and objects from advertising, consumer products like cosmetics, technological devices, and the fashion industry, Pariset creates digital collages that both highlight the manipulative nature of media and subvert it. Pariset often extends beyond two-dimensional representation. In her 2014 exhibition “A bōAt[] A Promise,” she responded directly to the Kunstverein Nürnberg’s architecture to design a multimedia installation that included windsurfing sails replaced with images printed on transparent fabric, photographs, and advertisement banners. Whatever material she uses, Pariset works to disrupt the intended function of commercial images.

French, b. 1983, based in Berlin, Germany