Audrey Anastasi, ‘Performer w African Mask’, 2016, Tabla Rasa Gallery

About Audrey Anastasi

Audrey Anatasi paints figurative images concentrating on the human face, figures, and nature. Anatasi describes her depictions of women in contemporary settings as “breaking the ‘third wall’ with individuals in the paintings scrutinizing the viewer on equal footing with the viewer scrutinizing the painting.” In other works, recognizable scenes are replaced by dark, indeterminate spaces through which mythic male and female figures seem to fall, often nude. According to Anastasi, these figures are meant to appear at once heroic and suffering, caught in a Promethean struggle or confronting inner demons. Although she is right-handed, she has painted with her left hand since 1990, in order to “reconnect with the physicality of the paint stroke…and redirect my attention on the soul of the subject matter.”

American, Baltimore, Maryland, based in Brooklyn, New York

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