Audrey Wilson, ‘Atomic Number 10’, 2016, Alida Anderson Art Projects

Image rights: Anything Photographic

Context Art Miami 2016

Discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris M. Travers, shortly after their discovery of the element krypton in 1898. Like krypton, neon was discovered through the study of liquefied air.
Atomic Number: 10
Atomic Weight: 20.1797
Melting Point: 24.56 K (-248.59°C or -415.46°F)
Boiling Point: 27.07 K (-246.08°C or -410.94°F)
Density: 0.0008999 grams per cubic centimeter
Phase at Room Temperature: Gas
Element Classification: Non-metal
Period Number: 2 Group Number: 18 Group Name: Noble Gas

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