Auguste Delaherche, ‘Radiating Charger’, 1890, Heritage Auctions
Auguste Delaherche, ‘Radiating Charger’, 1890, Heritage Auctions

Property from the Jason Jacques Collection

Condition Report: Small missing flakes of glaze to the lip rim, which do not detract from the overall appearance of the charger.

Signature: Impressed mark to underside: Auguste Delaherche (within circle)/ 6220

Image rights: Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Similar example pictured in Marc Ducret and Patricia Montjaret. "L'Ecole de Carries: Art Ceramique a Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye, 1888-1940" (Paris: Editions de l'amateur, 1997), p. 25 Jason Jacques. "Masterpieces of French Art Pottery, 1885-1910" (Jason Jacques Gallery Press, 2005), pp. 9-10.

The Anthony Terranova Collection, New York.

About Auguste Delaherche

In 1887, after years of working in various industrial arts firms, Auguste Delaherche acquired a Paris studio and began his career as a ceramist. He concentrated on simple forms with thick drip glazes inspired by Japanese pottery, occasionally employing relief decorations or modeling vases and dishes in vegetal shapes. Delaherche’s continual experimentation with kiln techniques enabled him to produce remarkably subtle gradations of color. By 1904, he had achieved professional maturity with his robust shapes inspired by Oriental, Greek or rustic pottery, thus helping to usher in the era of modern studio pottery. [Source: Jason Jacques]

French, 1857-1940