Auguste Rodin, ‘The Thinker’, ca. 1880, Legion of Honor

Signature: Signed: A Rodin; stamped: Alexis Rudier / Fondeur, Paris. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Gift of Alma de Bretteville Spreckels

Image rights: Image coutesy of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

About Auguste Rodin

Known as one of the most gifted figurative sculptors in history, Auguste Rodin made such iconic works of art as The Kiss (1880-1881), The Thinker (1881-1882), and The Burghers of Calais (1884-1895). Using clay, plaster molds, and a meticulous process that included live models, Rodin created sculptures that were innovative in their attention to detail and unprecedented realism. Inspired by the female form and literature from Dante to Baudelaire, Rodin was particularly adept at conveying tension and emotion through subjects’ bodies and made a large collection of sculptures of men and women in amorous, sensual poses.

French, 1840-1917, Paris, France, based in Meudon, France