Augustine Kofie, ‘Sistema abrasivo’, 2014, Celaya Brothers Gallery

About Augustine Kofie

A self-taught artist whose practice is rooted in graffiti, Augustine Kofie embraces an aesthetic of pure abstraction that features simple geometries of squares, circles, and lines. Kofie finds harmony in opposites, creating earth-toned compositions reminiscent of Italian Futurism with intensely detailed and complex, layered lines. The artist seeks to challenge preconceived notions about graffiti’s status as an art form, and he culls inspiration from modern architecture, typography, 1960s iconography, and street culture. The drafting and sketching associated with graffiti and illustration provided Kofie with a technical foundation and appreciation for the graphic elements of writing.

American, b. 1973, Los Angeles, California, based in Los Angeles, California