Austin Eddy, ‘Flying Fingers - City Race’, 2016, Beers London

About Austin Eddy

Brooklyn-based painter Austin Eddy creates autobiographical paintings that straddle the line between figuration and abstraction. His monochromatic works—mixtures of oil pastel, cardboard, spray-paint, and newsprint—have been described as Picassoeque, with their flattened and fractured forms harkening back to 20th century Cubism. These works take inspiration from relationships in the artist’s personal life, whether a case of romantic rejection or a lost encounter with a stranger at a bar. Eddy’s more recent works feature abstract compositions of colorful, curvilinear shapes, which often resemble landscapes, hands, or portraits of women.

American, b. 1986, Boston, Massachusetts, based in Brooklyn, New York

Solo Shows

New York,
Austin Eddy "Follow The Crooked Path (Though It Be Longer)

Group Shows

New York,
On the Nose
Greenpoint Terminal Gallery,