Avery Klein, ‘EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE 2’, Exhibit by Aberson

Everything Will Be Fine 2 is a white on dark blue contemporary abstract ink on handmade paper that measures 36 x 24 and is priced at $700.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma April 12th, 1993.

Minimalism inspires the work of Avery Klein. Her experience with screen printing and graphic design play an integral role in the clean design of her pieces. Klein uses a modern approach to the values of the aesthetic movement that began approximately around 1868.

Artist Statement

I want my work to represent the talent in creating aesthetics. My work is created with the intention of making my viewers feel clean and calm. This series a representation of life, serenity, simplicity, and positivity. The handmade international paper is a natural form that has a variety of unique markings and texture. It represents the beauty of life on earth. The screen printed shapes are left to the viewer for whatever they see it as. White is used as a positive color, creating negative space with a positive feeling.

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