Axel Salto, ‘Circular roche ceramique bowl. Exterior with inlaid dark brown decor.’, Bruun Rasmussen

Signed Salto.

About Axel Salto

At a time when potters around him looked to the understated and refined traditions of Japan and China, ceramic artist Axel Salto produced earthy, sensual works inspired by nature. The Danish designer was an independent voice that favored sculptural over functional forms—which he classified by shape into three categories: “budding,” “sprouting,” and “fluted.” He was especially drawn toward three-dimensional motifs from the plant world—including symbols of fertility like seedpods and budding flowers or fruit—which he richly colored with glazes. From 1930 he worked at Royal Copenhagen, and also as a graphic designer for books, jewelry, and textiles. He was the recipient of many awards including the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale 1951.

Danish, 1889-1961