Aya Haidar, ‘Acces Tous Pays II’, 2016, ATHR

Paper Planes, 2016

Two diplomatic passports were left behind in the home, one belonging to my grandmother and the other to my mother. The usual identifying information is stated, alongside photographic ID. One line remains resonant between the pages, Acces tous pays (Access all countries), which I find particularly interesting in light of notions of freedom of movement, more importantly the concept of free access, amidst a stringent and ever divided bordered world.

14 paper aeroplanes are carefully produced out of the pages of each passport and delicately aligned one beside the other. The sharp underlighting serves to project an imposing shadow onto the wall extending these delicately folded pages into an striking and monumental light installation tying the very documents that allowed my family their access with the very vehicle they used to leave.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and ATHR

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