Ayala Serfaty, ‘Clear, December 2010: Soma light sculpture’, 2010, Maison Gerard

Series: Soma

About Ayala Serfaty

Inspired by luminous underwater plants and wildlife, mixed-media artist and designer Ayala Serfaty translates the structural and aesthetic qualities of the natural world into furniture and lighting. As a founding partner of Aqua Creations, she explores ways of transforming texture and calligraphy into three-dimensional objects. “Soma”—an ever-evolving project—involves an elaborate process of weaving and intertwining thinly blown glass, then layering the composite objects with tinted transparent glass veins that produce a seemingly gestural surface. Much like her other work, these light sculptures resemble aquatic forms such as crystals and seabed plants. Serfaty’s work is heavily influenced by Minimalist sculpture’s use of electric lighting and industrial techniques of creating surface and form.

Israeli, b. 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel, based in London, United Kingdom