Aziz + Cucher, ‘Wave (Silver)’, 2006, ClampArt

Signature: Signed and numbered, verso

About Aziz + Cucher

Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher formed Aziz + Cucher in 1991, and, since then, have been exploring the encroachment of computers, biotechnology, and genetic engineering on human beings, in manipulated photographs, sculpture, animation, and video installations. In works that are simultaneously abject, beautiful, and unflinching, they present what they describe as “visual metaphors for the increasing role that new technologies play in our lives and how they affect us politically, socially, and psychologically.” Their visions have hit a nerve; in 1995, they represented Venezuela in the Venice Biennale. In such early series as “Dystopia” (1994-95), they erased the facial features of people they had photographed, transforming them from individuals into anonymous, dehumanized aliens. Since 2003, in their multipart project, “Synaptic Bliss,” Aziz + Cucher have been exploring what digital consciousness might look like, in psychedelic scenes of morphing natural and biological forms.

American and Peruvian, Established 1991, Massachusetts and Lima, based in Brooklyn, New York

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