Balint Zsako, ‘Untitled’, 2007, Waddington's
Balint Zsako, ‘Untitled’, 2007, Waddington's
Balint Zsako, ‘Untitled’, 2007, Waddington's

Balint Zsako was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1979 and received his BFA from Ryerson University (Toronto) in 2002. In his practice, he uses watercolor and ink on paper to depict a multitude of intertwining characters while embracing themes such as family, mythology, sex, and the body.

Zsako’s art has been likened to illuminated manuscripts, as the delicate lines are combined with very simple, archetypal themes. However, bodies twist in unusual and erotic positions, as if the subjects are from another, more twisted universe. This adds an element of the surreal and the bizarre while introducing historical symbolism into the contemporary moment. Zsako moved his practice to New York where he continues to create his sinister and quirky drawings.
Courtesy of Waddington's

Signature: Signed and dated "2007 October"

Private Collection, Ottawa

About Balint Zsako

Often including wild animals and multicolored figures bound or fettered together, Balint Zsako’s erotically charged works possess a shamanistic quality. Working in mixed media, collage, painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography, Zsako has recently focused on watercolors that feature intertwined naked figures. The artist’s practice also involves soliciting audience participation. In a recent exhibition, he placed his paintings loosely on a shelf and allowed viewers to rearrange their order, inviting them to construct new narratives for his work.

Hungarian, b. 1979, Budapest, Hungary, based in Brooklyn, New York

Solo Shows

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Modern Dance Series by Balint Zsako
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