Baltasar Lobo, ‘Maternité, 1954’, 1969-1970, Art Cuéllar-Nathan

Signature: Signed and numbered LOBO 0/3, stamped Susse Fondeur, Paris.

Manufacturer: Susse Fondeur, Paris

J.E. Muller, Lobo, Catalogue raisonné de l'oevre sculpté, Paris, 1985, pp. 42, 118, n° 117, illustrated (other cast).

Galerie Nathan, Zürich (acquired from the artist)
Private collection

About Baltasar Lobo

A contemporary of Jean Arp and Constantin Brancusi, Baltasar Lobo innovated a pared-down approach to the human form, and his work demonstrates a particular affinity for the female nude and mother and child figures. Lobo moved to Paris from Spain after the Spanish Civil War. In Paris, he befriended artists such as Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró who inspired his departure from naturalism and classical representation, and motivated his efforts to reduce sculpture to its most basic forms. Best-known for his marble and bronze work, Lobo created sleek and glossy surfaces that also appear in his ink and watercolor works.

Spanish, 1910-1993, Cerecinos de Campos, Spain, based in Paris, France