Bao Ting, ‘Memory Land’, 2015, Czułość

In this proposal, the most essential concept is reminiscence.
Inside each entity with memory, there are coexistence of reality and fiction, overlap of time
and space, a single scenario, or simply a trace of thinking.
The entanglement between one mistake with another, the interference of one timeline with
another, or the free-fall dusts pattern, all become representations of our memory.It contains
memory and imagination, while I’m connecting some symbols together. This is a part of
space, a piece of land. It exists.
What makes this work special is that the dots arrangement was created by depositing dusts
on the films. After scanning, it forms spatial depth.

Series: Memory Land

Image rights: Bao Ting & Czułość

Motion, Gallery PH21, Budapest, Hungary | 2015
Poetry in Visual, Gallery Captaincy, Aveiro, Portugal | 2015
Incubarte, Sala La Metro, Valencia, Spain | 2015
Ego Trip, Gallery Ego, Poznan, Poland | 2015
The Gangway, Gallery Czulosc, Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Warsaw, Poland | 2015
BraeraKlasse#2 - Photography Exhibition, Ex Chiesa di San Carpoforo, Milan, Italy | 2016
Gwanghwamun International Art Festival, Sejong Museun of Art, Seoul, Korea | 2016
Space being | Gallery Czulosc, Warsaw, Poland | 2016

About Bao Ting

Chinese, b. 1991, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, based in Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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