Barbara Hepworth, ‘Hepworth in the Mall Studio, London’, 1933, Tate Britain

Collection: The Barbara Hepworth Photograph Collection

Image rights: Photograph by Paul Laib
© The de Laszlo Collection of Paul Laib Negatives, Witt Library, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London

"Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World"

Venue: Tate Britain, London (2015)

About Barbara Hepworth

An early pioneer of abstract sculpture, Barbara Hepworth is best known for her ovoid, biomorphic creations carved out of stone. Though her early works were more explicitly figurative, many of Hepworth’s completely abstract works are recognized as vaguely feminine, given their smooth, rounded contours. One such sculpture, Pierced Form (1931), features innovative use of negative space in the form of a hole through its center, which would become a frequent motif in Hepworth’s oeuvre. Later in her career Hepworth started making brass works, comprising thin curved planes and fine lines of string.

British, 1903-1975, Wakefield, United Kingdom