Barbara Probst, ‘Exposure #92: Mittenwald, Buckelwiesenweg, 07.08.11, 7:28 p.m.’, 2011, Monica De Cardenas

About Barbara Probst

In her photographic series, Barbara Probst explores the ambiguities of the photographic medium and the subjectivity of truth and perception. At first, the groups may appear to be thematically related photographs, but in fact, the images portray the same scene at the same instant, captured from different angles using a remote-controlled shutter release. The works investigate, Probst has said, “if a photograph can show you more about the one who looked through the viewfinder than about what was photographed in that moment.” When the images are seen together, especially in the case of her multi-figure portraits, the combined photographs take on a three-dimensional quality in the viewer’s mind, almost like a sculpture with the viewer inside.

German, b. 1964