Barnaby Hosking, ‘Yurt Cover’, 2014, The Fine Art Society

About Barnaby Hosking

By mixing media and drawing from wildly disparate art-historical movements, such as Minimalism and Romanticism, Barnaby Hosking makes work that defies easy categorization. He is best known for his mixed-media video installations, in which he projects videos onto paintings, objects, or variously shaped screens, creating evocative combinations of moving and still images, sequential narratives and single scenes. In Being T/Here (Wild Swimming) III (2010), Hosking confounds perceptions of depth and flatness by layering projected landscapes over painted ones on rich pieces of black velvet.

British, b. 1976, Norwich, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

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New York,
BARNABY HOSKING: you'll find the house in some trees by a lake

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Max Wigram Gallery at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013