Barrão, ‘O Tesouro’, 2013, Marsiaj Tempo

About Barrão

Barrão is known for his whimsical sculptures composed of appropriated objects, predominantly kitschy porcelain and ceramic ornaments found in Brazilian thriftstores and flea markets. After collecting the ubiquitous objects and fragments, Barrão sorts and classifies them according to color, size, and function, before fusing them into single forms—surreal mashups of animal figurines and abstract structures resembling organic networks. He has also created work using refrigerator components and television parts. Along with the Brazilian artists Luiz Zerbini and Sergio Mekler, Barrão is a member of the interdisciplinary collective Chelpa Ferro, known for turning objects such as electric toothbrushes, sewing machines, and juice-makers into animate sculptures and sound-creating devices.

Brazilian, b. 1959