Barry McGee, ‘"And Your Friends Are My Friends", SIGNED by BOTH ARTISTS, Wood Skate Deck Edition’, 2012, VINCE fine arts/ephemera
Barry McGee, ‘"And Your Friends Are My Friends", SIGNED by BOTH ARTISTS, Wood Skate Deck Edition’, 2012, VINCE fine arts/ephemera

barry McGEE & chris JOHANSON
"And Your Friends Are My Friends", Wood skate deck,
Signed on the reverse by both artists, Numbered on the reverse
Edition 58/100, Published by The Skateroom.
MINT- As issued, Plastic wrap opened by artist to sign the board.

Manufacturer: The Skateroom

V I N C E fine arts/ephemera
miami, florida usa
tel. 305 205 5820

About Barry McGee

A revered figure in the West Coast graffiti subculture (typically associated with the skater and surfer communities), Barry McGee makes drawings, paintings, and mixed-media installations inspired by urban culture that incorporate elements such as empty liquor bottles and spray-paint cans, tagged signs, wrenches, and scrap wood or metal. McGee is also a graffiti artist, having produced work on the streets since the 1980s under the tag name “Twist”; his signature motif is the face of a man with sagging, tired eyes, rendered in an efficient linear style. McGee and his wife, artist Margaret Kilgallen were featured in the film Beautiful Losers, a 2008 documentary about Street Art and the DIY aesthetic.

American, b. 1966, San Francisco, California, based in San Francisco, California

Solo Shows


Group Shows

New York,
ART 21: Art in the Twenty-first Century, an exhibition based on the PBS series that examined power, memory, structures and play in art.

About Chris Johanson

Chris Johanson’s wildly colorful artistic productions are musings on phenomena in contemporary life—including the psychological perils of consumerism, cult spirituality, and self-help. Johanson’s career stems from his early activities in the Northern California punk scene, in which he produced ephemera, posters, and zines. Johanson’s oeuvre now includes paintings, drawings, installation, and sculpture. His early style was characterized by its raw humor, cartoon-like aesthetic, and incorporation of reclaimed materials, like wood and paper from dumpsters and construction sites. In later works, Johanson has used more simplified forms, abstract forms and conceptual themes.

American, b. 1968, San Jose, California, based in Los Angeles, California

Solo Shows

The Conversation, 
Chris Johanson: Imperfect Reality with Figures and Challenging Abstraction

Group Shows

Chandran Gallery, 
San Francisco,
Waves for Water Benefit Auction
The Suzanne Geiss Company, 
New York,
206 Rivington St, 
New York, NY, USA,
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