Bassmi Ibrahim, ‘Isness 50’, Bill Lowe Gallery

About Bassmi Ibrahim

Having studied art his whole life, Bassmi Ibrahim has always been drawn to modern painting. His ink wash canvases, made with large calligraphy brushes, recall the fluidity of water and the haziness of mist. Ibrahim paints for his “inner self” in an automatic, subconscious style, akin to that of abstract expressionism. Ibrahim met Mark Rothko during the 1960s and cites him as a spiritual and artistic mentor. Both artists’ paintings are similarly spiritual and perceptual. Ibrahim begins each work in a meditative state; when a vision presents itself, he recreates it on canvas, often returning to it later to improve the depth and vibrancy of color. Ibrahim avows to paint his soul and spirit on his canvases, which allows his work to resonate more strongly with viewers.

Egyptian, b. 1941, based in Clearwater, FL, United States

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