Bean Finneran, ‘Bean Finneran Purple Curves with Colored Tips’, 21st Century, Jeffrey Spahn Gallery

Bean Finneran is a San Francisco, bay-area artist who has been in and among the ceramics community of giants such as Peter Voulkos and others. As a woman she intentionally sought out the undervalued spaces, chiefly the floor. Her work is uniquely democratic, not intended for a passive gaze, it requires participation and assembly by the owner. It invites play, shattering the notion that art shall be for the elite only. It’s colors beck-and-call the viewer to investigate and touch. Handcrafted for hours each piece is composed of 100s and 1000s of individual elements called curves that stack in mounds like pick-up sticks. Each curve is a simple line, yet when composed those lines create forms, almost formless and formal at the same time. They also create fabulous shadows and negative spaces depending upon their arrangement. Like nests, or baskets they invoke Native American traditions and yet they are fresh and modern fine art today. Custom orders available, by color and size.

Private collection.

About Bean Finneran