Bec Brittain, ‘Memoranda of Understanding’, 2016, Chamber

The “ MOU (Memoranda of Understanding)” lamp takes its cues from the International Space Station (ISS), based not only on its form but also on its key concept of layers and assemblage. The piece is comprised of small, repeating modules that recall the “ add-on” quality intrinsic to how the ISS was built—by different people, different manufacturers, different governments in cooperation. While every module is made of the same material, brass, they are each manufactured differently, thus representing the different philosophies at the center of the station. In order to distinguish human presence and life from the mechanical aspects of the ISS, the mechanical axes are made of perfectly polished nickel, while the human axes are darker, with a hand-worked finish, and completed by two hand-blown glass globes that represent areas of habitability.

Image rights: Guang Xu

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