Becca Albee, ‘Equilibrium II’, 2017, The Kitchen

Courtesy of the Artist.

Albee’s color photograph Equilibrium II reflects the artist’s varied interests in color systems, radical feminist theory, and health care. Inspired by artist, psychologist, musician, and color theorist Hilaire Hiler’s color wheels, Albee first featured this work in her solo exhibition, "Prismataria," at San Francisco’s et al. gallery as part of an exhibition featuring photographs of feminist books. (A rotating light fixture illuminated the works, while essential oils scented the gallery.) For its part, Equilibrium II mobilizes the colors of Hiler’s wheel: Albee maps them onto a stack of perfume bottles, evoking the scents that accompanied the original gallery display. Notably, Albee was one of one hundred women to contribute “biological information” to Anicka Yi’s 2015 exhibition at The Kitchen, "You Can Call Me F." –Courtesy of The Kitchen


Becca Albee is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist who works primarily with photography along with sculpture, video, sound, and installation. A pioneer in the riot grrrl scene, Albee was in the Olympia, Washington band Excuse 17. Feminism remains a central commitment throughout Albee’s practice and has led her to investigate historical figures and periods that have previously been overlooked. Albee has had solo exhibitions at Situations in New York City; et al. in San Francisco; and 356 S. Mission Rd. in Los Angeles.

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