Bela Szeift, ‘We Will Abolish It’, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery

Bela Szeift (1944-2012) was one of the most notorious outsider artists in Hungary. He operated independently, completely outside of the fine art scene in Budapest. He was in fact was alienated from this group and lived an isolated existence. Szeift began his career as a high school art teacher in Budapest for a few years. He began showing his work in the late 1960’s when in his 20’s. His art, even in it’s early stages, operated outside of what was accepted and expected both artistically and politically in the 60s-80s Hungarian culture. From the 70s onwards, he started to lose control of his life, he became an alcoholic, lost everything and was forced to spend the remaining days of his life mostly on the streets. He was often found at the Ecseri flea market in Budapest creating his art. It was here that several collectors from Budapest actively pursued Zeift’s work and supported him to a degree.

About Bela Szeift

Hungarian, 1944-2012, Budapest, Hungary